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Protect Your Love Intelligently

With the AIOTO Go, outdoor security can be achieved without costing a huge fortune. The AIOTO Go’s AI object recognition technology and meticulously designed app makes outdoor security smarter yet more cost efficient. Protect what you love with cutting-edge technology.


Built for the Outdoors

Our camera has a 4G LTE network, rechargeable battery and IP65 weatherproof enclosure to last through hot or cold temperatures, through rain or shine.

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Total Control at Your Fingertips

You have complete control of your camera with ease thanks to the free and user-friendly AIOTO app. Customise settings, stream in real-time, communicate instantly and more.

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Reliable Quality for Industrial Applications

Due to its versatility, mobility and weatherproof enclosures, the AIOTO Go can be applied to various industrial scenarios such as agriculture, farming and production by providing instant monitoring and recording.

Read more about how the AIOTO Go has helped Taiwan’s agriculture industry go smart.

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